UV Lights

It is never too late to install UV Lights

Your duct work, AC coil, and drain pan can be a breeding ground for microbes. Germicidal UV lights have long been used to combat biological contaminants in hospital settings, cruise ships, public schools, assisted living facilities and more. Did you know that you can have those same benefits for your home?

To prevent bacteria and mold from growing in your system, we can install a 24 volt or 240 volt Germicidal UV Light system in your heating and cooling system. The Germicidal UV light radiates a special frequency of ultraviolet light that penetrates the cell walls of biological contaminants, damaging their physiological structure. The contaminants are no longer viable and cannot continue to grow, multiply, and spread throughout your heating and cooling system.

Some of the features of the UV lights include:

  • Single or dual remote-mount capability
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Multi-voltage electronic ballast
  • Patent-pending lamp retention system
  • 14", 16", and 20" lamp lengths
  • Moisture boot seals lamp connections
  • Custom designed UV-C lamps
  • Lighted On/Off switch and external fuse

The process uses a broad spectrum UV light to kill viruses, bacteria, mold spores and break down any odor molecules or chemicals in the air. It is extremely beneficial for those with fragile immune systems such as the elderly or children, people with allergies or respiratory complications, and home and offices in high humidity regions, such as Florida.

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