Award Winning Company

Palm Coast Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Wins Sales, Outstanding Dealer, and Leader in Survey Awards!

Palm Coast, FL – Palm Coast Heating & Air Conditioning is excited to announce several awards the company has earned from TRANE, a world leader in air conditioning systems, services and solutions.

As a TRANE Comfort Specialist Dealer, Palm Coast Heating & Air Conditioning, a first-time winner, has earned three awards.

TRANE dealers from North Central Florida to Southern Georgia were considered for the awards.

The first award is the '2010 Top XL/XV' award. This was awarded for selling the most TRANE XL brands. These are high end, top of the line models.

The second award is the '2010 Pinnacle Award'. This is for being an outstanding dealer in sales.

"The award I am most proud of is our 2010 Leader in Surveys award," President Doug Jahn said."This represents a 99.1% customer satisfaction rate," he added. "It's a team effort – our staff made it happen – and we are humbled and honored to be recognized by our wonderful customers," Jahn added.

Jahn attended the 2010 Top Performer Awards banquet to be recognized as a winner on April 7th at The Shores Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach Shores. The banquet was held in the Richard Petty Room.

Trane - Northern Florida

What Our Customers Are Saying

"On July 31st, 2010 our air conditioner stopped. We called Palm Coast Heating & Air Company to diagnose the problem. They found a bad coil and had no freon and of course under Murphy's Law it was on a weekend with no parts available.

My wife and I are both handicapped and facing the weekend with no air conditioner in July is a stressful thought. We did not complain or ask for any special favors. The grace of God stepped in because Palm Coast Heating & Air Company is owned by great people. Doug Jahn is the owner and in 56 years dealing with heating and air repair companies I have never seen a company do what they did. Over and above, they returned the next day early August 1st and installed a window unit so my wife and I could be reasonably comfortable at no extra cost. We did not request it!

I think everyone locally should know about this company and how they went the extra mile to insure their customer received quality care, because we had to wait until Monday afternoon for the repair parts from Daytona. August 2, 2010 Monday at 3 p.m., the air was repaired.

Again it is great to know we have good people running companies to service us. This is why they have a good company and are very successful."

Charlie Herring - Palm Coast, FL

"My husband and I, being fairly new to Palm Coast needed our air conditioning unit serviced in our home. The builders of the house recommended someone out of St. Augustine, but we decided to support the community of Palm Coast, since we are tax paying citizens, we felt it was our moral obligation to do everything possible to give back to Palm Coast. Since the recession hit, Flagler County is on the top of the list of unemployed citizens and it needs our support more than ever.

We made the right decision going with Palm Coast Heating and Air Conditioning. They came out and serviced our unit, completed a Technical Performance Tune-up Procedure and we have a contract with them to come and service us twice a year.

We all hope and pray that during our heat-waves our Air Conditioning works correctly. Well, we noticed Saturday night that it was getting hotter in the house. Luckily it was after 6:00 p.m. So we fiddled with the thermostat and prayed it would come on. However, it didn't and Sunday at 8:15 a.m. we called Palm Coast Heating & Air Conditioning. Doug (the owner) said he'd be out by 10 a.m. At 9:00 a.m. here's Doug at our door (even better) He found out the problem within 5 minutes and we were back in the cool of things.

Not only was Doug sympathetic, he was very very professional and courteous. I had earlier gone online to check his company's hours, finding out that this was a family owned business and take it from me, there's nothing better than getting service from a personal business owner, to tell 20 people if a company does them wrong, then those 20 tell another 20. So as the owner representing your business, and you give the best customer service that you can get. And we, as citizens of Palm Coast have an obligation to spread the word about a great family owned business located in Palm Coast.

Way to go Doug!!! We're spreading the word!!!"

Dennis & Suzanne Redican - Palm Coast, FL

"Very pleased with our new Trane XL20i system and the workmanship of Palm Coast Heating & Air."

Denise Gleason - Palm Coast, FL

"Always gives me excellent and prompt service. Also, has saved me money by their excellent advice. I am fully satisfied with the company."

Gordon Birrell - Palm Coast, FL

"The contractor knows when it is time for my service and calls me to schedule. The company has very caring and loving employees. I thank them for keeping me cool in the summer and warm in the winter."

Olive Malcolm - Palm Coast, FL

"I had known the owner before and I was familiar with Trane. I was VP of Baltimore Aircoil Company and had direct contact with personnel from Trane. Many of our employees were former Trane employees. So I know the companies and its quality standards."

Donald Ducan - Palm Coast, FL

"My Trane system is seven years old and Palm Coast Heating & Air takes great care of it. I know with the maintenance I recieve from Palm Coast Heating & Air it will help me get several more years out of my Trane system."

Anita Anderson - Palm Coast, FL

"I'm a new customer of Palm Coast Heating & Air and very satisfied with their work."

John Alberse - Palm Coast, FL

"My overall experience with Palm Coast Heating & Air was excellent. I saw a technician working on my next door neighbor's unit and asked him for his card. I just moved into the area and wanted somebody reliable. I saw many advertisements and had other neighbor's recommendation but I didn't act on them. I'm glad, that I found Palm Coast Heating & Air, since they like to prevent things from happening rather than having to fix them later. Also, I like to use a company that I can trust, which is the case with Palm Coast Heating & Air."

Mercedes Pendleton - Palm Coast, FL

"All of the staff is wonderful, professional and a pleasure to work with from the front office staff to the techs."

Ronald Young - Palm Coast, FL

"We have a service agreement with Palm Coast Heating & Air. They do the greatest job on their maintenance. Their Tech's pull everything apart and clean it. Also, they make sure my permanent filter is always clean. My husband and I are extremely impressed with the work they do and even when we had a new Tech Sam it was the same great work."

Janet Milne - Palm Coast, FL

"They are very promp and efficient. The company always follows up with a call to make sure everything is alright".

Ed Lynch - Flagler Beach, FL

"I have been with Palm Coast Heating & Air for 17 years. They are the best".

Ed Cohen - Palm Coast, FL

"Palm Coast Heating & Air has great sales employees and superior technicians".

Ericka Balough - Palm Coast, FL

"I'm very happy with my new Trane XL15i system. I don't hear my new system running when it is on. The first time I used my Trane system it cooled the house down in minutes. The old system took alot longer to cool the house".

Leslie Appleman - Palm Coast FL

"I have been with Palm Coast Heating & Air for 17 years. They are the best".

Ed Cohen - Palm Coast, FL

"I''m very satisfied with my Trane AC system. The technicians are knowledgeable and couritous".

Harry Briley - Palm Coast, FL

"I have used Palm Coast Heating & Air for 20 years and I am very pleased with their service. They are reliable and prompt. Any emergency, they take care of them right away".

Hallie Bradley - Flagler Beach, FL

"From the front office to the service techs this is a great company to do business with. I have been a customer since 2003 and I have only good things to say about "Palm Coast Heating & Air".

Manual Luggris - Palm Coast, FL

"This Trane XL20i is the ultimate of all air conditioning units. I am so proud to have this unit. The company who installed it, Palm Coast Heating & Air, is the best contractor in the Flagler Beach area".

Joyce Butts - Flagler Beach, FL

"They give me perfect service every time".

Ludwig Orth - Palm Coast, FL

"I do not hesitate to call Palm Coast Heating & Air for any season. They always help me with anything I need for my AC system".

Wayne Bardua - Palm Coast, FL

"Very happy with the service from Palm Coast Heating & Air".

Denise Gleason - Palm Coast, FL

"Superior in every way from office staff to techs".

Joseph Hilberg - Palm Coast, FL

"Outstanding service for many years".

Guenther Jansson - Palm Coast, FL

"Palm Coast Heating & Air Inc. provides quality care and prompt service."

Mary Watterson - Flagler Beach, FL

"Rich the serviceman is always very helpful when he comes to my house and the girls in the office are friendly and also helpful on the phone".

Donna Tofal - Palm Coast, FL

"Palm Coast Heating & Air Inc. has provided outstanding service to us for the last eight years".

Lannie Kincaid - Palm Coast, FL

"We are extremely satisified with Palm Coast Heating & Air Inc. and their Service Manager Rich has excellent knowledge and expertise in the AC field." Also, we definitely will have them install our next new Trane system."

Nick Bereda - Palm Coast, FL

"Doug Jahn is tops in his field. He is always friendly and courteous. I wouldn't deal with anyone else. I give him and his company a FIVE STAR rating."

Rich Wilson - Flagler Beach, FL

"Thank you for the GREAT JOB of installing our new Trane system. We will certainly recommend your services to all my friends."

Bobby Bernard - Palm Coast, FL

"This is to thank you for the excellent service your Service Advisor provided to me recently. My air conditioner was malfunctioning, he checked out the system, diagnosed the problem, and corrected it. He was competent and courteous. I would certainly recommend your company based on his performance."

Toni Wallace - Flagler Beach, FL

"I wanted a Trane! I got a Trane! I have a contactor that knows what he is doing, not like some fly-by-nights that come and go! Palm Coast Heating & Air is committed to my cares regarding the unit and acts more like a friend than a contractor!"

Ken Montalbine - Palm Coast, FL

"We have been very satisified with Palm Coast Heating & Air for the last nine years!"

Andrew Peterson - Ormond Beach, FL

"As I told you, your estimate was $400 to $1000 lower than 5 other companies bids using comparable units. All of your employees were courteous and completed the installation as scheduled. I highly recommend your company as efficient, courteous and very cost conscious."

Richard A. Soluse - Palm Coast, FL

"Palm Coast Heating and Air Conditioning responded very quickly. You arrived at the house within about an hour of my call. You found and fixed the problem in a very efficient and highly professional manner. I was very impressed by your work and happily surprised by your very low charge for this repair. You not only saved me a great deal of time and frustrating phone calls, you also saved me a large sum of money."

Joseph F. Weiss - Palm Coast, FL